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What can I do if I'm not receiving emails from Calendar Club?

When signing up to Calendar Club you'll be requested to consent to receive marketing subscriptions after placing your first order. If you don't confirm when registering your account, then the only emails you will receive are Order and Return Confirmation emails, any responses from our Customer Care team and any emails we feel contain important information that you should hear about.

If you did consent, there may be a number of reasons why you're not getting these from us. It's worth carrying out the following checks:

1. Check your junk/spam

Your email software may be marking our emails as junk mail. To stop this from happening, please add [email protected] to your email address book.

2. Update your marketing preferences

Check that you've agreed to receive our marketing emails by logging into your account and clicking 'Profile' and 'Personal Information'. If you aren't signed up to receive our marketing communications, the 'Accept Marketing from Calendar Club? field will be set to 'No'. To change this, choose 'Yes' and click 'Save Details' to start receiving all emails from us, including marketing subscriptions.

3. Check your email address

Make sure you typed in the correct email address when you signed up with us. Just sign into your account (if you can remember which email address you used) to check this.

4. Contact Us

If after this you're still having trouble, contact our Customer Care Team and provide as much detail as you can about the issue.

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