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How does AfterPay work?

AfterPay is a payment method which allows you to buy now and pay later making budgeting easier, allowing you to break down your payments into four equal instalments. 

How does it work?

AfterPay is available to all customers with a billing and delivery address registered in Australia or New Zealand.

Your order will need to total between $20-$1500 in order to be able to pay with Afterpay.

To pay using AfterPay, you'll need to provide a valid and verifiable email address, a mobile number as they may need to contact you and an Australian credit or debit card. It's important that you provide the correct details, as you won't receive the relevant payment information.

Once you've placed your order using AfterPay, you'll receive an email from them as well as your Calendar Club order confirmation email.

Please note, you won't be able to cancel your order once you've placed it. If you're not happy with your order when it arrives, please return it. You can find more information on how to returns work with AfterPay here.

You'll be requested to pay for your 4 instalments online every 2 weeks. You can pay at your convenience, with no extra cost via credit or debit card.

You'll receive a reminder two days before your payment is due via SMS or email.

For more information about AfterPay, click here

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