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Can I change my order details once I've placed it?

You can edit your order within 30 minutes after completing your order, or earlier if your order has not been fulfilled. By editing your order, your original order will be cancelled and refunded, and your items will be placed into a new shopping cart.

To edit your order, just follow these steps:

Step 1 Log into ‘My Account' and view your recent orders.

Step 2 Click on the 'Cancel/Edit’ button next to your order - it will take you to a summary of your order with the option to Edit.

You'll need to choose this and select a reason for the cancellation.

If you've been able to successfully cancel your order, you'll receive an email, and the order status will change to 'Cancelled'.

If the cancel option is not available, then it is too late to cancel the order. You can return any unwanted items for a refund once you've received your order.

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