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Payment, Promos & eGift cards


What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

We like to give you plenty of payment options, so you can use any of the payment types listed below. We also take security very seriously indeed, so your details will not be stored with us. We take fraud very seriously too, so all credit and debit ca

Do you need help with your promo code?

If you've got a promo code to use but you need some help with using it then check out the following steps on how to use your code. Step 1 Check you've entered the code correctly. You need to enter the code exactly as it was given to you, without any

When will my account be charged for my order?

Upon receiving your order, our billing agent carries out a standard pre-authorisation check on your credit or debit card to ensure there are sufficient funds to fulfil the transaction. Goods will not be dispatched until this pre-authorisation check h

What is your policy on GST when shopping on

GST is now included in our prices for customers in Australia effective of 01 July 2018. The Goods and Service Tax legislation was implemented from 1 July 2018 which means that international orders under $1000 AUD will also now be taxable at 10%. We c

What happens if the eGift card I bought hasn't been received?

If you placed an order for an eGift card but it hasn't yet arrived here's what you should do. Step 1 Allow up to 24 hours. The eGift card can take up to 24 hours from the time you place your order to be sent. Step 2 Ask the recipient to check their j

Can I cancel or return an eGift card?

Check when you placed your order. If you bought the eGift card, you can cancel your eGift card order within 30 minutes of completing the order. If you didn't buy the eGift card yourself, you'll need to contact the person who bought it and get them to

Can I use more than one promo code on my order?

No. You're not able to use more than one promo code at the checkout, this includes free delivery codes. You can only use one discount/promo code per order - click here to find out how to use your discount/promo code.

I've lost my eGift card; can you resend it to me?

If you've bought a Calendar Club eGift card for yourself or as a present for someone else and you've lost or misplaced it here's what to do in order to try and get a replacement. Step 1 Check your emails. If you haven't received your eGift card, plea

Do you offer paper or non-electronic eGift cards?

We don't send paper vouchers. You can send the eGift card to your own email address so you can print it out when you receive it. Don't forget to enter the name of the person you are giving the eGift card to in the ‘To' field. It can take up to 24 hou

My payment was declined, what should I do?

Place your order again. If your payment has been declined, then you'll need to place your order again. We're not able to reinstate an order once the payment has been declined. Make the relevant checks. To help ensure your order is not declined when p

I've been overcharged for my order, what should I do?

We're sorry if you've been charged more than you were expecting for your order. There are a couple of reasons why it may appear you've been charged more than you were expecting. Step 1 Check your currency. We charge you in the currency that is select

How do I use PayPal to pay for my order?

You can pay for your orders at Calendar Club with PayPal so check out the below steps for how to use it as a payment method for your order. Step 1. To pay with PayPal, you'll need to have or set up a PayPal account on the PayPal website. Step 2. Once

Pay in 4 with Klarna

Buy now and spread the cost of your purchase over 4 instalments, automatically charged every two weeks. No interest and no hidden fees.*. As payments are automatically charged every two weeks, all you have to do is sit back and relax. *Ts&Cs apply. S

How do I pay for an order with 'Pay In 4 with Klarna'?

'Pay In 4 with Klarna' is a payment method which allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over 4 equal instalments. Payment one is taken when you place your order, and the next three payments are charged every 2 weeks. What orders can be paid w

How does AfterPay work?

AfterPay is a payment method which allows you to buy now and pay later making budgeting easier, allowing you to break down your payments into four equal instalments. How does it work?. AfterPay is available to all customers with a billing and deliver

How can I pay for my order using my eGift card?

If you've got an eGift card to use but you need some help with using it then check out the following steps on how to use your eGift card. Step 1 Check you've entered the code correctly. You need to enter the 16-digit code exactly as it is, without an